How to commission your own unique butterfly box

Each of Tracey's butterfly and moth boxes is unique. You can commission a single butterfly in a tiny Victorian style collector's box, or have a large collection of butterflies in a wooden wall case(maximum size 75cm X 60cm).

The butterflies can be made from paper ephemera of your choosing. Map butterflies can be made from Worldwide locations, or British species only. Tracey has a large collection of vintage maps, which usually yield most locations, however, if you require a detailed or specific map location, the butterfly or moth can be made from your own map.

Butterfly boxes can be made to commemorate special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries. For these boxes, please supply significant paper ephemera, which can be transformed into a group of pinned butterflies. Every butterfly is handcut and pinned by Tracey Bush. It is signed and numbered, with an authentication label on the reverse.

The butterflies are all real species and as such every box reflects your story - particular species are chosen because of the resonance for the client, or link to a location or material.

Please click here for butterfly box sizes and prices.

Bespoke boxes